MU - MUDEC United

MU – MUDEC United is the magazine of the Museo delle Culture, in English, which will be available both at MUDEC and internationally in major bookstores and museum bookshops.

The second issue of the magazine ‘MU – MUDEC United’ – according to its editorial code – proposes articles related to the exhibition ‘Exposure. Art, culture, fashion in and out of the showcase’ and its programme, accompanied by in-depth articles with a transversal slant on the theme of exhibiting and exhibiting oneself.

The new issue will tell a wide range of stories that revolve around a fundamental theme of life, starting with that of the museum, namely desire and what it entails: stories of theft (if we also think of the cinema), of non-return, of glass that separates and blocks circulations or conversations between living beings, of expositions and subtractions of (and from) the self, of precious objects and digital subjects that show off, to arrive at the phantasmagoria of fashion.

The second issue of MU is the “showcase“: an incubator of thoughts and forms that changes according to the theme being narrated, and in this case becomes a kind of precious treasure chest of “extravagance”, designed to reflect and make us reflect on the way human beings position themselves in relation to the world; a world/earth that in turn is enveloped by a curtain-window (the atmosphere) that does not contain an increasingly opaque and overly boiling air, and that exposes us too much – our own fault – to the risk of our own demise.

 ‘MU – MUDEC United’ includes contributions from valuable contributors from the world of art, writing and research in numerous places around the planet: Andreas Angelikadis, Paul Basu, Federico Campagna, Mariuccia Casadio, Lorenzo Castore, Rachaporn Choochuey, Theo Eshetu, Alex Foti, Marco Giusti, Guido Guerzoni, Wissal Houbabi, Katya Inozemtseva, Arto Lindsay, Kit Mackintosh, Wayne Modest, Giuseppe Ricupero, Sara Rizzo, Tobias Rees and others.

MU, under the editorial direction of Carlo Antonelli, is designed by Studio FM Milano and distributed by the publishing house NERO.




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