MU - Mudec United

Mudec United is the new periodical of the Museo delle Culture, in English, which will be available both at MUDEC and internationally in major bookstores and museum bookshops.

Each issue of Mudec United will be dedicated to a different theme, starting with the Museum’ s exhibitions.
Mudec United, while providing plentiful information about the exhibition it aligns with, is neither a catalog, nor a pure magazine, but a third object, born out of the generative process of ideas (visual first and foremost) that come out of the Museum and open it to the world.

Mudec United is agile without losing scientific depth. It starts from a respect for cultural traditions, an awareness of the necessary and continuous work of removing colonial prisons (including linguistic ones) and the struggle against their appropriation. It takes a step further, toward languages in the making, especially those arising from the new, second and third generations inhabiting the globe, starting with the city from which it originates.

The first issue, inspired by the exhibition Rainbow. Colors and Wonders Among Myths, Arts, and Science, includes contributions from the worlds of arts, writing, and research-among others: Lanier Graham, Katia Inozemtseva, Tarek Elhaik, Giorgio Bardelli, Giorgio Chiozzi, Michela Podestà & Stefano Scali, Maria Loh, Federico Campagna, Romi Crawford, Ruangrupa, Elisa Giuliano + Zairong Xiang, Masha Salazkina, Luca Caminati, Medina Dugger, Federico Ercoli, Maddalena Novati, Gabriela Del Castillo, Miltos Manetas, Achille Filipponi, Terry Riley, Cory Arcangel, Norma Jeane, Emi Fontana, Porpora Marcasciano, Jordan Anderson, Nadeesha Uyangoda, Luca Guadagnino, Sara Rizzo, Carolina Orsini, Fabio Peri, Agnese Maccari, Simonetta Roncaglia.

MU, under the editorial direction of Carlo Antonelli, is designed by Studio FM Milano and distributed by the publishing house NERO.

Cristiano Bottino
Color Therapy
poster for the Art. 32 Public Health Common Good project, 2020
Courtesy of the Artist

Bernardo Cesare
Karlsbad Sprudelstein (sedimentary rock)
Courtesy of the Author


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