April 5th – April 26th, 2024
Free admission

The exhibition “Icons, Innovations & Firsts. Stories of Heritage and Progress from the Levi’s® Archives” is a fascinating journey into the rich and storied heritage of the iconic denim brand, highlighting the evolution and cultural impact of the modern blue jean since its invention in 1873. The archival garments on display, sourced from the archives in the brand’s hometown of San Francisco, welcome conversations around innovation and progress.

The exhibition begins with a symbolic union of past and present: a century-old Levi’s® Lot 201 Miner Jean, a blue-collar worker’s jean covered in candle wax drippings with suspenders still attached, displayed alongside a modern Levi’s® 501® Jean worn by one of the most revolutionary entrepreneurs of our time, Steve Jobs.

Then, the display path is divided into three areas: Icons, Innovations & Firsts.

‘Icons’ presents an exploration of garments worn or interpreted by esteemed icons. Albert Einstein’s Menlo Cossack leather jacket is showcased alongside jeans designed by the Levi’s® brand in collaboration with the Warhol Factory, featuring Andy Warhol’s sketches of The Last Supper that are revealed under black light. Additional notable pieces on display include a Damien Hirst Spin Art 501® Jean, an upcycled Levi’s® jacket designed in collaboration with Miu Miu, and Levi’s® x Valentino 517 bootcut jeans.

‘Innovations’ is a mix of futuristic pieces are characterized by an increasingly sustainable use of resources, plus functional and smart garments created with the most advanced technologies such as the Levi’s® x Google Jacquard Jacket, the Levi’s® Engineered Jean with 3D design innovation, and the ultra-sustainable Plant Based and Circular 501® Jeans. Examples of historically avant-garde garments made unique through customization will also be on display.

‘Firsts’ highlights garments that are first in their category. The 9Rivet 501® Jean, dating to 1873 or 1874, is the oldest garment in the exhibition and ranks as the earliest garment in the Levi’s® Archives and likely the oldest extant pair of modern blue jeans in the world. The Viola Jean, a rare Lot 401 jean from the 1930s, is believed to be the oldest women’s Levi’s® and the earliest modern women’s blue jean.

The story of the brand, much like the fabric that lies at the core of its DNA intertwines with the tale of individuals who deeply believed that other worlds were possible; those who championed progress in pursuit of better.

From the 1850s gold rush to Silicon Valley’s high-tech revolution, from miners, cowboys and students to inventors, thinkers and artists, Levi’s® reflect the constantly evolving times – a truly timeless garment for all ages.

Monday 14.30 – 19.30
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 9.30 – 19.30
Thursday, Saturday 9.30 – 22.30

Mudec – Museo delle Culture
Spazio delle Culture
Via Tortona 56, Milan

Levi Strauss Menlo Leather Coat
ca 1934

Steve Jobs 501®

Lot 201 Miner Jean


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