Donors and restorations gallery

October 19th, 2023 – April 7th, 2024
Free entry

From December 2023, the new layout of the curved display cases dedicated to the collections will be visible in the Agora area, which is open to the public and conceived as the museum’s central square. This gallery will be dedicated to the presentation of new acquisitions, recent restorations and a tribute to some donations made by Milanese citizens.

In the first showcase, we present a selection of Pacific works that came to the museum in 2016 through a targeted acquisition. The Pacific collection, which was particularly rich before the Second World War, was unfortunately destroyed during the bombing of Milan in August 1943, while the works were in the Castello Sforzesco.

The new acquisitions, made in accordance with international ethical standards, tell the story, through the material culture, of the daily life, warfare and rituals of the Massim people of Milne Bay (New Guinea) and the Asmat people of Indonesian Papua.

The second showcase is dedicated to recently donated textiles from Central Asia, East Asia and the Americas (Guatemala and Ecuador). From the finest bridal shawls to multifunctional blankets, from dancers’ robes to shamans’ garments, the showcase is a feast of colours and shapes, testifying to the richness of textile art in the world and the generosity and passion of so many private collectors.

This second showcase is complemented by some very complex restorations (by Open Care/Milan and Cinzia Oliva/Turin), which have made it possible to bring back to public view objects that are normally kept in storage.

Due to the fragility of the works, the objects are rotated every three months and exhibited with the lights off.

Our donors: Amodeo, Bertinetti-Montevecchi, Gentili, Mercoli, Morelli, Quartapelle, Soffritti, Vitali.

Monday 14.30 – 19.30
Tuesday – Wednesday – Friday – Sunday 9.30 – 19.30
Thursday – Saturday 9.30 – 22.30




The Permanent Collection
may be subject to closure on
Friday, March 8th,
because of a strike by the hall staff.
We apologize for any possible inconvenience.


The exhibitions Rodin and dance
and Martin Parr. Short & Sweet
will be regularly open.