A visual activist

Sonnyama Ngonyama, literally, Ave Leonessa Nera, is the social and political proclamation of Zanele Muholi one of the most interesting voices of Visual Activism.
The most important international awards such as: Lucie Award, Chevalier des Arts et Des lettres, ICP Infinity Award, have rewarded her work for artistic and social commitment; and exhibitions the most prestigious museums in the world celebrate the poignant and magnetic beauty of her works. In the work brought to the Mudec Photo edited by Biba Giacchetti, Muholi signs a series of self-portraits that stage a real complaint in their composition, to which the South African artist lends her body.

Muholi, met the Apartheid years, and is today a leading exponent of the LGBTQI community who exposes herself first-hand: each of her images tells a precise story, a reference to personal experiences or a reflection on a more social and historical context.

The artist's gaze worries, moves and denounces, while everyday objects used in a highly symbolic way are placed in a close dialogue with his body. The beauty of the compositions and the absolute talent of an artist are only a means for Muholi to affirm the need to exist, the dignity and respect to which every human being has a right in spite of the race, and the gender with which she identifies herself. Her purpose is the removal of barriers, the rethinking of history, the encouragement to be oneself, and to use artistic tools such as a camera as weapons to assert oneself, and to fight. In his words: “... we are here, with our voices, our lives, and we cannot rely on others to feel represented adequately. You are important. Nobody has the right to harm you for your race, for the way you express your gender, or for your sexuality, because first of all you are ".