Becoming a Partner

Sponsoring the Mudec Museum of Cultures and its exhibitions constitutes an excellent opportunity for visibility and communication as well as direct contact with the target public. In relation to their contributions, partners obtain various benefits in terms of communication, events, catalogues and free tickets.

It is also possible to develop ad hoc initiatives so as the highlight the sponsor’s presence on the basis of specific requirements.


The various and continuous cultural activities that will take place in the Mudec are an incentive to firms to undertake annual and multiyear partnerships. Sponsors will be entitled to visibility in all the museum’s communication materials onsite, online and offline.


Exhibition partners will be entitled to various benefits in terms of communication, events, catalogues, free tickets and invitations to reserved inaugurations as established in relation to the contribution made.

Art Bonus

With the introduction of the Art Bonus Decree, as from 1 June 2014 both individuals and firms can detract 65% of their donations to museums, archaeological sites, archives, libraries and theatre for tax purposes.
Complete Art Bonus Decree

Special Events and Evenings

With its multifunctional spaces, the Mudec is an ideal place to organize events capable of meeting firms’ institutional and PR requirements.

Corporate events can be held in the different spaces of the Mudec, such as the auditorium, the restaurant and the Nuvola or Cloud. On such occasions, the exhibition becomes an ideal setting for an event in terms of public relations as well as a unique opportunity to establish a quality relationship with stakeholders and top clients. Unique and personalized in detail, the events are designed to respond to the specific requirements of the target involved and create an unforgettable experience together. An opportunity to offer your customers a visit the exhibition of the year behind closed doors. What we offer is a special evening, envisaged as a private visit with expert guides or a visit combined with an exclusive convivial occasion to be enjoyed in the wonderful spaces of the Mudec.

Spaces for events


The ideal location for company meetings, conventions and events. In addition to being spacious, it offers all the audio facilities to be expected of an auditorium.
Measurements 313 mq
Capacity 250 pax
Equipment already installed:
- 2 handheld microphones
- 2 projectors
- Fully adjustable lights and spotlights


In perfect harmony with the rest of the structure, the recently opened cafeteria can host small-scale events such as evening aperitifs or cocktail parties for limited numbers of guests. An ideal place for events that are informal but set in a unique location.
Measurements 393 mq
Capacity 200/250 pax

The Nuvola

The most distinctive part of the museum. The idea underlying the design was to use the connecting spaces between the new blocks to create a covered plaza, the Nuvola or Cloud, the top of which, made of opaline glass on a steel frame, rises above the building almost like the drum of a modern dome. Its unique character makes it the ideal place for company events such as buffets or seated dinners.
Measurements 286 mq
Capacity 150 pax
Facilities available:
Video systems
Video projection
Audio systems
- Loudspeakers
- Live music
- Microphone equipment

Innovation Centre

This multifunctional area is a single, rectangular, open-plan space with no internal partitions or structural elements. The main entrance is directly from the public space in front of the Mudec. Looking both onto Via Tortona and onto the internal courtyard, it receives light from both sides. Designed as an open space readily adaptable to the most disparate requirements of potential clients, it has a markedly public vocation and can be used for one-off events as well as projects stretching over time.
Measurements 445 mq
Capacity 300 pax
Facilities available:
Video systems
Video projection
Audio systems
- Loudspeakers
- Live music
- Microphone equipment