The Milan PAC exhibition Cuba. Tatuare la storia [Cuba. Tattooing history] will arrive at the MUDEC with a site-specific installation by Eduardo Ponjuán, considered one of the protagonists of the profound innovation that affected visual arts in Cuba at the end of the seventies.

The site-specific work, Scratch, will lead the spectator in a “museum within the museum”: a series of showcases placed in the Agora containing objects of daily use displayed like relics, like anthropological findings.

In this sense the installation establishes a dialogue with the ethnographic collections of the Milanese museum dedicated to the various testimonies and cultures of the world.
The artist displays various elements inside the showcases: drawings, objects, icons, personally selected precisely because of his intimate bond with them or because of the symbolic and semantic value they possess.

Designed by the organizers of the exhibition at the PAC, the project avails itself of the collaboration of the MUDEC curators, and marks the beginning of a synergic relationship between the two Milanese institutions.

Cuba. Tatuare la storia [Cuba. Tattooing history], taking place at the PAC of Milano from the 5th July to the 12th September 2016, is the largest exhibitions realized so far on Cuban contemporary art, with 31 Cuban artists, among the most famous and influential ones on the international scene, who have been active from the seventies on, more than half of whom today live and work in Havana. The exhibition accompanies the visitor along a path through the island’s contemporary art and traces guidelines that are useful to understand the artistic culture – and not only that - of a Country that, in spite of its small dimensions, has managed to influence decisively the history of the twentieth century, surviving between hostility and needs and facing up to great changes. AC Pavilion of Contemporary Art (Via Palestro, 14)