Homo sapiens. The new histories of human evolution.
An exceptional exhibition that recounts where we come from and how we succeeded in populating the entire planet.

The exhibition tells the history of humanity through a great multidisciplinary panorama: a project involving many countries and international institutions.

The exhibition Homo sapiens shows visitors everything that we have always wanted to know and that history and geography can teach us about the world we live in and ourselves.

Two hundred thousand years ago Homo sapiens started out from a small valley in what is now Ethiopia on the journey that has led him to colonize the whole planet and to live with other human species, thus producing that great variety of populations and cultures we know today.

An international team of scientists from different disciplines worked together to draw the great historico-geographical map of the migrations that led to the global spread of modern man.

Geneticists, linguists, anthropologists and paleoanthropologists have pooled the results of their researches to create a wonderful panorama of the history of human evolution. The end product is a multimedia and interactive international exhibition, whose six sections recount the stories and adventures linked to the extraordinary displacements – many are still unknown – that have created the mosaic of human diversity.

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