The Worlds of Gauguin

Visit + workshop (90 minutes)
Primary and infant school
Travel, discover, learn
A journey round the world through the eyes of Gauguin to discover the French countryside, Breton villages, Polynesian sands and faraway seas in his works.
Together we reconstruct the “worlds of Gauguin” in the Mudec Lab by following his travels and plotting our own courses.
Charge: €110 per class + tickets (2 free for teachers), booking obligatory.

Different from Whom? Iconography and stereotype

Visit + workshop (90 minutes)
Secondary school first level
Us and Others
Gauguin’s art is often described as “primitive” due to his drive for the simplification and “purity” of form and colour. The exhibition makes it possible to compare our idea of “primitive” with the artist’s.
Gauguin will serve us as an example in the MudecLab to examine the question of the representation of ourselves and of those we regard as different from us. Who are we? What defines and distinguishes us? What prompts us to label something or someone as different or “other”?
Charge: €110 per class + tickets (2 free for teachers), + microphone equipment, booking obligatory.

Guided visit to the exhibition Gauguin.
Tales from Paradise

Guided visit (1h)
Primary school and secondary school levels one and two
Peru, Egypt, the Middle Ages, Persia, Java, Kampuchea, the Danish tombs, Brittany and the enchantment of Polynesia: a journey through cultures and places distant in time and space as recounted by Gauguin in the works on show. We enter the painter’s artistic world, explore his various techniques and follow his movements, both physical and stylistic. Between myth and imagination, dream and reality, we discover the “primitivism” that was synonymous with authenticity and truth for Gauguin.
Charge: €70 per class + tickets (2 free for teachers), booking obligatory + microphone equipment obligatory for secondary school levels one and two.