Vedovelle e Draghi Verdi

Author: Serena Vestrucci
Title: Vedovelle e Draghi Verdi
Date: 2016
Location: CityLife park, Milan

Above: Serena Vestrucci, Vedovelle e Draghi Verdi, 2016, courtesy ArtLine Milano, foto di Alberto Fanelli.

Not everyone knows that public fountains, with their green cast iron bodies, in city parks are known as “vedovelle” (widows). The works of Serena Vetrucci are grafted onto these elements, whose characteristic name comes from the continuous jet of water that flows from them (as unstoppable as a widow’s cry). The artist creates a sort of contemporary bestiary by replacing the traditional faucets (shaped dragon) with new spouts with animal shapes (giraffe, octopus, rooster, elephant, triceratops, rabbit, dolphin, lion, elk, ram).

These unique pieces, made with the lost wax technique, are no more of industrial products but artistic and unique elements. The works, scattered throughout the area, invite you to discover the green space of the sculpture park in a path of knowledge and reflection on un-monumental art and on water as a common good.