Author: Adrian Paci
Title: Rudere
Date: 2020
Location: CityLife park, Milan

Above: Adrian Paci, Rudere, 2020, courtesy ArtLine Milano, foto Alberto Fanelli.

Rudere by Adrian Paci is a no-roof building with a gabled facade, whose entryway is marked by three steps. The structure, which evokes the archetypal appearance of house, is inhabited by four trees, planted in a space usually designed for human presence.

Referred both to the concept of Ortus conclusus and to the sacredness of an ancient temple, the work celebrates Nature in its full vital power, as a living element evoking ancient symbols or customs. In this studio house we find a cypress (representation of eternity and immortality), a fig tree (icon of fertility and knowledge), a persimmon tree (tree of the seven virtues), a pomegranate tree (emblem of eternal return and love).

The external architecture is composed of layers made of concrete in different shades of gray; these elements remind both the naturalness of rock stratification and the artificiality of the material used. The presence of seven rose windows on the facade, in addition to its double sloping profile, is a further reference to tradition, in particular to the Romanesque architecture.