Red Pavilion

Author: Alfredo Jaar
Title: Red Pavilion
Date: 2021
Location: CityLife Park, near via Demetrio Stratos, Milano

Above: Alfredo Jaar, Red Pavilion, 2022, courtesy ArtLine Milano, foto Alberto Fanelli.

Red Pavilion by Alfredo Jaar is a cubic concrete structure, six meters wide. After its entrance, the visitor’s view opens to a new interpretation of the landscape: a red full-height stained glass window filters the visual perception and dyes the exterior buildings a single transformative color.

The artist invites to contemplation and reflection: in the closed and silent space of the pavilion, on an essential seat in red resin, the observer can look undisturbed at the external reality and at the (cultural, architectural, environmental) changes occurred in it. Enclosed and protected between the polished walls, the viewer can focus on the elements surrounding the work; Red Pavilionbecomes a frame that prospectively resizes the skyscrapers of the area, bringing them to a more human dimension.