Author: Rendo
Title: Portello
Date: 2021
Location: via Ignazio Gardella – via Aldo Rossi, Milano

Above: Rendo, Portello, 2021, via Ignazio Gardella – via Aldo Rossi, Milano, photo by Andrea Scuratti – Comune di Milano.

On the occasion of the project A name in every neighborhood promoted by YesMilano with the collaboration of the Art Office in the public spaces of Milan, the production of the mural “Portello” is entrusted to Renato Di Lorenzo, better known as Rendo, a pioneer in the world of street art Milanese in the field of lettering.

The artifact on which to carry out the work is a helical staircase that develops around a high concrete cylinder connected by a walkway to the rear building: a particular element, surrounded by ultramodern buildings.

This spot was also chosen to recall the elliptical element, which characterizes various architectures of the Portello district (eg the helical shape of the park behind it, the vast twisted columns of the Fiera building).

The work was created in July 2021 and the final result is a work that from graffiti writing reaches geometric abstractionism, plays with a palette of warm tones – such as yellow, orange and red – with the addition of lilac and gray. The flat and uniform backgrounds of the background highlight the fulcrum of the mural: the writing “Portello”, made with letters designed ad hoc by Rendo in an illusionistic and three-dimensional perspective.