Paesaggio Industriale e Screen

Author: Sten Lex
Title: Paesaggio Industriale e Screen
Date: 2020
Location: via Padova – via Mosso, Milan

Above: Sten Lex, Paesaggio Industriale, 2020, via Padova – via Mosso, Milan, photo by Andrea Scuratti – Comune di Milano.

The impressive works of Sten Lex are the result of the first “artistic residence” dedicated to urban art organized by the Casa degli Artisti in Milan. The duo of Roman artists is known throughout the world for having taken experimentation on stencils to the extreme, working with paper and only black and white in the production of abstract works with a kinetic taste.

Characteristic of Sten Lex’s works is the presence of hanging paper parts, which give the works movement and breath, and which progressively detach and disperse: the work, although two-dimensional, becomes material, it evolves with time and it changes through atmospheric phenomena which gradually deteriorate colors and texture, just like a second skin of the building, sensitive to contact with the city.

The duo of artists, Sten Lex, choose to represent an intricate and enigmatic overlapping of lines and shapes to express the complexity of the Padua district. The multi-ethnicity of the Padua district was represented by Sten Lex aimed to enhancing texture of constructive ties as a form of con-fusion, which is indeed chaos, but also union.