Author: Orticanoodles
Title: OrMe
Date: 2017-in corso
Location: quartiere Ortica, vie Pitteri, Cima, Ortica, Rosso di San Secondo, San Faustino, Trentacoste, Corelli, Cavriana, Amadeo, cavalcavia Buccari, Milan

Above: Orticanoodles, OrMe, 2017-in corso, via Rosso di San Secondo, via San Faustino, Milan, photo by Andrea Scuratti – Comune di Milano.

OrMe – Ortica Memoria is the pervasive urban pictorial art project that involves the entire Ortica neighborhood.

Here was born in the ’00s the duo Orticanoodles, stencil artists of international importance, today organized in the form of a collective, whose productions using the “sprinkle” technique are recognizable and present in dozens in our city, as well as throughout Italy and beyond.

Since 2017, the collective has launched through the “OrMe” Association a platform in synergy with its adopted neighborhood, which has led to the creation of 20 large murals on blind surfaces and on the railway embankments that surround this district, the smallest in Milan .

In the wake of classic muralism, the theme of the works is celebratory and historical tribute, in this case we relive the history of the city through events and protagonists of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. From the great migratory flows to the celebration of the women of culture, from the funereal remembrance of the deportees to the festive institution of the Republic, from the popular music of yesterday and today, to the celebration of legality, passing through the founding of cooperatives, workers’ struggles and the tribute to fallen in the world wars… in the Ortica district “the history of Milan can be read on the walls”.

In most cases, the creation of the murals involved the participation of students from the “Pasolini” Institute, the neighborhood’s upper secondary school. The students were activated in the pictorial phase, often also in the creative one, helping to research the biographies of the subjects subsequently represented. The boys then remain the “custodians” of the works, acting as a guide for visitors at each new inauguration.

L’Oritca has always been a painted district: the peripheral position and the long railway embankments that intersect the streets are still halls of fame where writers bring their contributions: it can happen while walking in Ortica to see artists in the light of the sun. ‘Opera. The mix of spontaneous pieces and the large murals of Orticanoodles makes the Ortica district one of the most interesting nuclei to visit in Milan and certainly the smallest district is also the most painted in the city.