Filemone e Bauci

Author: Ornaghi & Prestinari
Title: Filemone e Bauci
Date: 2017
Location: CityLife park, Milan

Above: Ornaghi & Prestinari, Filemone e Bauci, 2017, courtesy ArtLine Milano, foto di Alberto Fanelli.

Two ventilation pipes become artistic elements with Valentina Ornaghi and Claudio Prestinari. These pipes are reinterpreted as twin and fluted columns. They become hollow and have no load bearing function. They are also humanized thanks to graphic elements for the eyes and an arm that connects each other.


The installation designed for ArtLine is also inspired by the classic myth: Philemon and Baucis are elderly bride and groom who, characters of Ovid’s story, remind us of the importance of coexistence and hospitality. In the myth they host Zeus and Hermes, welcomed despite of features of travelers.

The reference to classical architecture opens up to the new thanks to the gaze that these two figures turn to the skyscrapers of the area.