Daily Desiderio

Author: Riccardo Benassi
Title: Daily Desiderio
Date: 2018
Location: CityLife park, Milan

Above: Riccardo Benassi, Daily Desiderio, 2018, courtesy ArtLine Milano, foto Alberto Fanelli.

The material structure of Riccardo Benassi’s artwork is made of a vertical pole in painted aluminium and a LED screen. On this device the artist publishes every day of his life (through a remote broadcasting) a different message, sharing and universalizing his daily life, challenging the perennial change. All texts released from the day of the inauguration to the death of the author will be broadcast again after his death from the beginning of the series in a potentially infinite loop.

With this artwork, technology becomes an instrument of continuous comparison and connection between the artist, the city and the user. What at first glance may appear to be a simple sign, it is instead an interactive work of art for those who daily visit the location and can therefore notice the constant changing of the messages.