Author: Wilfredo Prieto
Title: Beso
Date: 2020
Location: CityLife park, Milan

Above: Wilfredo Prieto, Beso, 2020, courtesy ArtLine Milano, foto Alberto Fanelli.

With Beso, two large polygonal boulders, about eight meters high, are proposed as symbol of an act of love: touching each other in only one point, they replicate a two lovers kiss. By projecting a typically human action onto them, the boulders refer to the amorous topos, the archetype of human and social relationships.

Located in the center of a green space between Piazza Giulio Cesare and Piazza Elsa Morante in the Citylife area, the work plays with natural elements which, although here over-sized and out-of-scale, we would expect to find in a garden between residential complexes and commercial spaces.


The natural-artificial polarity is represented by the presence of two unprocessed rocks in a context, the Tre Torri park, deeply transformed by the human action through the skyscrapers’ construction and the recent redevelopment of the area.