Attenti al lupo

Author: Lucamaleonte
Title: Attenti al lupo
Date: 2020
Location: via Palmanova 59, Milan

Above: Lucamaleonte, Attenti al lupo, 2020, via Palmanova 59, Milano, photo by Andrea Scuratti – Comune di Milano.

An imposing wolf stands out at the gates of Milan: it is the symbolic guardian of the public housing in via Palmanova, one of the most historic and virtuous among the public housing complexes of the city heritage.

Lucamaleonte’s work is a Roman artist, his stylistic imprint derives from the language of engraving and his stylistic code has made him famous above all for the representation of animals.

This work is the first made in Milan on the basis of a social commission: the artist erects the wolf as a totemic figure, representing it not as a ravenous beast – as so often in the collective imagination – but as a symbol of an animal spirit that cannot be tamed, able to live in complete synergy with its environment, therefore free.

In the same days of spring 2020, when the artist was imagining the work for our city, we witnessed a phenomenon of invasion of the streets of many metropolises, at various latitudes, by wild animals either in search of food, or attracted by the apparent silence of the cities in lockdown: this too, albeit momentary and unexpected impression of reconquest of man-made spaces, influenced the artist in the desire to immortalize a wolf in Milan.

The artist created the mural as part of the “Milan Art Nature Inclusion” project, an urban art initiative of the Arrigo and Pia Pini Foundation, dedicated to the enhancement of public places of welcome and support and inclusion.