Atrium of the gaze on future

Author: Mario Airò
Title: Atrium of the gaze on future
Date: 2021
Location: CityLife Park, near via Demetrio Stratos Street, Milano

Above: Mario Airò, Atrium of the gaze on future, 2022, courtesy ArtLine Milano, foto Alberto Fanelli.

Atrium of the gaze on future by Mario Airò is a partially hypogeal structure, in concrete and metal, about three meters long, surmounted by a roof with two caps. The upper volume of the work reproduces profile and sections of the “liver of Piacenza” or “Etruscan liver”. This last, Etruscan archeological find dating back to the second-first century B.C., reproduces a bronze liver: probably used by haruspexes as a model for the interpretation of future in the ancient divinatory arts, has some inscriptions, lines or ledges that, dividing the surface into sectors, show correspondences with the classical deities and the parts of the celestial vault.

With the work of Mario Airò, the «environmental/spatialist» vocation of art is nourished by an upward tension that, starting from its roots (including archaeological ones), overcomes the verticality of the skyscrapers in the area to project us towards the sky to the future.