A-Linolenic Acidum & Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma

Author: Fabio Petani
Title: A-Linolenic Acidum & Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma
Date: 2021
Location: via Appennini – via Consolini, Milan

Above: Fabio Petani, A-Linolenic Acidum & Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma, 2021, via Appennini ang. via Consolini, Milan, photo by Andrea Scuratti – Comune di Milano.

The work was created as part of the M.A.N.I (Milan Art Nature Inclusion) project, an urban redevelopment program commissioned by the Arrigo and Pia Pini Foundation with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan. The idea behind the work is part of Fabio Petani’s artistic career, which was very clear and defined from the very beginning. The key elements are chemistry and the link with the place where the work is located.

The first part of the title, A-Linolenic Acidum, is in fact a chemical component of linseed oil that was extracted in the neighborhood’s famous “Molino Dorino”; his name is written inside the facade in order to instill curiosity in the viewer who, looking for the meaning of the words, can discover something of his neighborhood.

The two plants chosen as the subject are Monstera Deliciosa and Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma, very similar to each other and often confused for each other; the artist exploits this similarity to convey a message of beauty in diversity: even if two things seem the same, each has its own characteristics and specificities. Although the original idea included shades of brown to better adapt to the colors of the surrounding buildings, the composition we see today was created with shades of green, coordinating well with the flower beds in the area.

The circles and lines are detached from the theme of the work but are part of Petani’s stylistic code; in general the circle, the plant, the red line and the chemical element are his distinctive trait, which he repeats in all the works.