This exhibition will show how the city of Milan has presented the various non-European cultures to the general public in major events ranging from the exhibitions of industrial arts in the second half of the 19th century, based on the World’s Fair model, to their reformulation in the biennials and triennials of the 1920s and ’30s.

27 march / 19 july 2015
MUDEC Museo delle culture - Via Tortona 56, Milano

Visitors can proceed through the different events chronologically and pick out the most relevant aspects as regards information and documentation on distant lands as well as changes in taste and distortions of representation and interpretation. Reconstructions of architectural settings and projects will take visitors back in time while the juxtaposition of objects, artefacts, paintings, graphic works, popular prints, posters and photographs will prompt reflection on the ideological implications of the great international expos and the impact of other cultures on Italian society.

The members of the Worlds in Milan advisory committee comprise Fulvio Irace (Milan Polytechnic University, Faculty of Design), Anna Mazzanti (Milan Polytechnic University, Faculty of Design), Mariagrazia Messina (University of Florence), Antonello Negri (University of Milan), Carolina Orsini (Museo delle Culture), Marina Pugliese (Servizio Polo Arte Moderna e Contemporanea) and Ornella Selvafolta (Milan Polytechnic University, Faculty of Architecture I).