October 8th, 2022 – February 2nd, 2023
Through multi-millennia-old artefacts, videos, immersive 3D reconstructions, and thanks to a set-up based on images rendering the idea of a real journey through time, the exhibition will take visitors back through the millennia and tell them the story of a glorious civilization, so ancient and remote that the general public generally knows only the last part: the most recent part of the story, made famous at the universal level by the discovery of the remains of Machu Picchu, the great sacred city.
But Peru’s history begins way further back in time.

A selection of more than 180 amazingly beautiful artefacts is on display: terracotta works of great expressiveness and technical perfection, as well as gold and silver items and textiles.
Part of the exhibition is devoted to an adventurous journey alongside the mythical hero of the Moche Culture, Ai Apaec: the visitors will discover the mysteries of Andean cosmology, moving through the three planes of the universe: the above, the here, and the below.

The exhibition “Machu Picchu and the Golden Empires of Peru. 3,000 Years of Civilization on display, from the Origins to the Incas” is the narration of a story within History, a storytelling that unravels among immersive videos, 3-D reconstructions of different urban and environmental settings, marked by biodiversity, and, above all, artefacts: before becoming archaeological finds, these artefacts were jewellery, textiles, and garments, worn by men and women who lived fully in their own world and a society made up of laws and customs, knowledge and rituals, symbols and traditions, myths and legends.

The exhibition tells the public the story of this world, which has vanished yet still speaks to our times.
The tour takes visitors into the cradle of one of the greatest ancient civilizations in the Southern Hemisphere.

Finally, the exhibition offers the opportunity to experience – through an immersive room apart from the exhibition path – a real flight simulation over the sacred city of Machu Picchu that will stimulate the senses of sight, hearing and the sense of movement, through an integrated virtual reality station with visual and sound VR movement. It will thus be possible to experience the real, ‘physical’ sensation of flying over the remains of the Unesco Heritage Monument and over the sacred mountains and the Amazon Rainforest with a virtual guide who will ‘fly’ with us, telling the story of this magical site, accompanying us on a real emotional journey.

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