Javier Marín / Corpus

June 21th, 2018 – September 8th, 2018

The city of Milan’s MUDEC Museum of Cultures is hosting a retrospective on Mexican sculptor Javier Marín. The exhibition Corpus, curated by Christian Barragàn, presents thirty-six works realized using various techniques and materials during a broad span of time in the artist’s journey. All the noteworthy periods of his career are highlighted in a layout featuring sculptures from Mexico and Italy. In particular, Cabeza Chico Grande (Big Little Head) was conceived and created specifically for this occasion.
The size and grandeur of the works are meant to inspire a strong emotional impact in viewers.
Outside the museum, Reflejo VII (Reflection VII) welcomes visitors. It is a bronze horse standing at an astonishing height of over 7 metres, a typical example of the sweeping power of Marìn’s large works.
With CORPUS, the MUDEC continues the story of Mexican culture, with an artist who has planted his roots in the past and who pushes himself into a present in which he is one of the details of contemporary design.