Man's great adventure of discovery (1906–1990)

28 September 2018 / 10 February 2019

“CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS. The Human Adventure of Discovery (1906 – 1990)” is the exhibit chosen by the Museo delle Culture to pay homage to the Italian 20th Century in the framework of the artistic and cultural program of events that the City of Milan devotes this year to this important historical and artistic period. This exhibition falls within the “Geographies of the Future” project, a story about ‘geographic knowledge’ meant as a survey of lands and cultures through the lenses of different research disciplines.
By way of three exhibitions on schedule from 28 September to 14 April 2019 (besides “Captains Courageous”, the exhibits “Only the River Remains to Speak” and “The Art of Banksy. A Visual Protest”), the Museo delle Culture will reflect together with visitors on the theme of ‘geography’, in the attempt to understand what types of ‘geography’ will define the boundaries of our knowledge in the future world.
“Captains Courageous” is a dedicated tale on the frontiers of 20th century explorations conceived in the scientific and cultural circles of Milan and Lombardy, touching mountain summits, space, and the depths of the earth, notably the latest geographic borders probed by professional explorers in a period – namely from the first decades of the 20th century up to today’s time – when the mapping of emerged lands had by now been completed thanks to the work of 19th century pioneers.

The wide and varied heritage on display at the exhibition, curated by an interdisciplinary scientific committee including Franco Farinelli, Anna Maria Montaldo, Carolina Orsini and Anna Antonini, is enriched by a multimedia setup by Karmachina in partnership with Angelo Linzalata and Marina Cinciripini and the participation of students from the Master’s in Visual Arts for the Digital Age of IED Istituto Europeo di Design. A spectacular setup and an extraordinary selection of original works will take the public on a dreamy voyage across the many adventures experienced by the explorers, such as the legendary conquest of K2 in 1954, Celestino Usuelli’s crossing above the Alps aboard an aerostatic balloon, the observations of Mars and the study of Lombard caves, the latest unexplored frontiers on earth. A gallery of video interviews will explain the future of geography and the relationship of man with the material and symbolic space surrounding him through testimonies of some famous “modern explorers”.
MUDEC is undoubtedly the most suitable museum to host an exhibition on the borders of ‘geography’. In fact, the Museum’s permanent collection is closely linked with the history of exploration.
Accompanying this free-admittance exhibition on schedule until 10th February 2019 is a catalogue and an audio guide.

OPENING TIMES: Mon 2.30 pm –7.30 pm
Tue, Wed, Fri, Sun 9.30 am – 7.30 pm
Thur, Sat 9.30 am –10.30 pm


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