Author: Liliana Moro

Title: Sundown

Date: 2023

Location: Parco delle Sculture ArtLine, Milan

Above: Liliana Moro, Sundown, 2023, Parco delle Sculture ArtLine, Milan, photo by Alberto Fanelli.

The Sundown installation by Liliana Moro consists of thirty chairs made of bronze, a yellow metal sculptural element resembling a curtain, and a loudspeaker in the shape of a trumpet that broadcasts Radio Rai 3 programmes in real time.

At sunset, an acoustic signal that overlaps the radio and lowers its volume warns us that we are about to witness the daily natural spectacle of the passage from day to night.

The hour of sunset thus becomes a device for sharing a daily transformation and the work is the place where it is possible to meet and have this experience.