Porta Romana Bella

Author: Marco Goran Romano

Title: Porta Romana Bella

Date: 2021

Location: c.so Lodi 12, Milan

Above: Marco Goran Romano, Porta Romana Bella, 2021, corso Lodi, Milano, photo by Andrea Scuratti – Comune di Milano.

The project “A name in every neighborhood”, promoted by YesMilano with the collaboration of the Art Office in the public spaces of Milan starting from 2021, aims to bring even authors from other expressive worlds such as illustration and graphic design closer to muralism. From this intent was born the mural dedicated to Porta Romana: just as in the imagination of the Milanese it is sung by Nanni Svampa as “Porta Romana bella”, Marco Goran Romano wanted to summarize this place in Milan among the most traditional with a sweet feminine connotation. and characteristic. And so an anonymous facade today bears an identity work that is already iconic of the neighborhood.

The work has different figurative levels: an abstract arch recalls the shape of the medieval door, through which you can glimpse the lettering, the protagonist of the mural painting, representing the name of the neighborhood and its qualification; the letters and geometric lines are intertwined with elements of the feminine or a hand that delicately touches a stylized climbing vine and a butterfly. The basic tone of the mural is pink, borrowed for continuity from the building that houses the work, and certainly a gentle tone that supports the sense of grace and delicacy of the work.

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