Author: 1010

Title: Serendipity

Date: 2016

Location: via Barrili 31, Milan

Above: 1010, Serendipity, 2016, via Barrili 31, MilanMaurizio Cattelan, L.O.V.E., 2010, piazza degli Affari, Milan, photo by Andrea Scuratti – Comune di Milano.

Work curated by the galleries 10 a.m. Art and QuestionMark, the first specializing in kinetic works and the second active on wall paintings, the combination of the two souls led to hosting the artist 1010 for his first Italian production.

The German artist’s style is certainly abstract and extremely dry, almost surgical, due to the millimeter precision of the dimensional details: each of his works projects us into a third dimension, inside the “portals”, as he calls the concentric shapes that are the result of his studies and both outdoor and indoor creations.

Thanks to the skilful combination of full colors, then rendered three-dimensional through the shading technique with “transparent black”, 1010 has created in recent years some of the most evocative and intrusive works ever seen in Europe.

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