Author: Pantonio

Title: Indo

Date: 2021

Location: via Piccinni 8, Milano

Above: Pantonio, Indo, 2021, via Piccinni 8, Milano, photo by Andrea Scuratti – Comune di Milano.

Sinuous flying fish stand out at the entrance to the “Bacon” municipal swimming pool.

The work of Pantonio, a Portuguese artist, arrives for the first time in Milan as part of the “Milano Arte Natura Inclusione” project, an urban art initiative of the Arrigo and Pia Pini Foundation, dedicated to the enhancement of public places of welcome and support and inclusion.

Pantonio has a unique trait among contemporary urban muralists: with a delicate gesture and a silent tone, he makes color the protagonist, through which he creates pure and simple lines that, brushstroke after brushstroke, make blacks, blues and pinks animal figures. Although imprinted on the walls, and despite the dimensions certainly multiplied with respect to reality, Pantonio’s subjects are light and elusive like flight.

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