Cieli di Belloveso

Author: Matteo Rubbi

Title: Cieli di Belloveso

Date: 2017

Location: CityLife park, Milan

Above: Matteo Rubbi, Cieli di Belloveso, 2017, courtesy ArtLine Milano, foto Alberto Fanelli.

A polychrome mosaic, shaped stars, enriches the pavement in front of one of the CityLife towers thanks to Cieli di Belloveso by Matteo Rubbi. The author recreates on the ground the constellations that the Gaul Belloveso, founder of Milan according to the Roman historian Tito Livio, could see in the same position in the spring period in 600 B.C. The artist also reports on ground the date of foundation and name of the historian, near the drawing of the Zenith.

The first firmament of Milan is visible on soil and opened up by the interaction with visitors. The gray stone pavement of Piazza Alberto Burri is dotted with a hundred stars, different in shape, color and size. Matteo Rubbi reminds us the importance of our identity and city foundation; he makes tangible stars that we are no longer used to look at because of air and light pollution.