Author: Gio Pistone

Title: Chapeau

Date: 2020

Location: vie Butti, Cafiero, Guerzoni, Milano

Above: Gio Pistone, Chapeau, 2020, vie Butti, Cafiero, Guerzoni, Milano, photo by Andrea Scuratti – Comune di Milano.

“When I see an almond tree in bloom, I take off my hat”: to create this work, the artist from the city of Rome invented a figurative alphabet that expresses in words, on an ideal blackboard, a quote from the master of cinema Ermanno Olmi.

The work can be read on several levels: in a unitary sense it is the bearer of a teaching of respect and devotion to mother nature; however, each letter, if observed individually, gives life to a micro world of fantastic beings, placed in relation, in play, under observation both reciprocally and with passers-by.

Gio Pistone created this long mural as part of the “Milan Art Nature Inclusion” project, an urban art initiative of the Arrigo and Pia Pini Foundation, dedicated to the enhancement of public places of welcome and support. In this case, the work is housed on the surrounding walls of a Youth Aggregation Center which animates the free time of the neighborhood kids. The operation, while aiming to regenerate the wall previously very damaged by the signs of time, was intended to host an Italian artist whose work was unpublished in Milan. Gio Pistone is one of the most famous Italian muralists in the world and in addition to the dedication to murals we remember drawings and ceramics of particular value.

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