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Current Exhibitions

Current Exhibitions

Once we were headhunters. Rituals, life and art of the Asmat people.

27 September 2017 / 08 July 2018
Asmat territory stretches along the southwestern coast of New Guinea, politically a part of Indonesia but with strong ties to Oceania in terms of culture and art. The main features of this territory are mangrove-covered flood plains and hostile swamps. While retaining to this day the defining traits of their ancient culture, perfectly blended into this inhospitable environment, the Asmat learned how to adjust to modernity and face its challenges. Read more

Upcoming Exhibitions

Frida Kahlo

01 February 2018 / 03 June 2018
Frida Kahlo was very seductive and continues to be also 110 years after her birth. This is why the city of Milan is staging the most important European exhibition ever devoted to the most famous and acclaimed Mexican woman painter. The exhibition will include oils, drawings, watercolours, letters and photographs, and we intend to bring together works by Frida that have never been displayed in Italy before. Read more

Dreaming with the Ancestors. Mexican Archaeology in Frida Kahlo’s Art and Life

01 February 2018 / 03 June 2018
“Dreaming with the Ancestors. Mexican Archaeology in Frida Kahlo’s Art and Life” displays Mesoamerican archaeological objects from the Mudec Permanent Collection, together with historical photos and images of Frida Kahlo’s artwork.Read more

Past Exhibitions

Rex and the city. Saurians and us (4th century bc – 20th century AD)

22 march / 9 july 2017
Mudec hosts "Rex and the city. Saurians and us": a journey between dinosaurs, dragons, chimeras and other saurians of fantasy.
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Dinosaurs. Giants from Argentina

22 march 2017 / 9 july 2017
One of the most important scientific exhibitions on the evolution of the dinosaurs, with unique finds all coming from such a paleontologically rich territory as Argentina
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Kandinskij, the wandering knight.
On his journey towards abstraction

15 march 2017 / 9 july 2017
Mudec pays homage to Wassily Kandinsky with an original “site-specific” exhibition, based around his vocation and the relationship between art and science and on the metaphor of travel as a cognitive adventure. Read more

Milano Città Mondo #02 - CINA

15 March 2017 / 07 April 2017
The Museum of Cultures with Networks and Cultural Cooperation Office of the Municipality of Milan. Read more

Homo Sapiens
The new histories of human evolution

30 september 2016 / 26 february 2017
An exceptional exhibition that recounts where we come from and how we succeeded in populating the entire planet. Read more


28 october 2016 / 26 february 2017
Like every maudit artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat succeeded in weaving a legend around himself and his art in the space of a few years. He died in 1988 at the age of twenty-seven. Read more

The adventures of an explorer. Antonio Raimondi and the discovery of Perù

28 October 2016 / 26 February 2017
The exhibition illustrates some aspects of the life and the explorations of the celebrated Milanese naturalist Antonio Raimondi Read more

The ducal salon of George Nuku

1 september 2016 / 13 october 2016
George Nuku, New Zealander artist from the Maori culture, will be in residence at MUDEC Read more

XXI Triennale Esposizione Internazionale Milano
Sempering process and pattern in architecture and design

2 april 2016 / 12 september 2016
The exhibition is a project of XXI Triennale International Exhibition Milan, hosted by MUDEC Read more

Eduardo Ponjuán at Mudec with Scratch

5 july / 12 september 2016
The site-specific work, Scratch, will lead the spectator in a “museum within the museum”: a series of showcases placed in the Agora containing objects of daily use displayed like relics, like anthropological findings. Read more

JOAN MIRÓ. The force of matter

25 march 2016 / 11 september 2016
A wide selection of works realized between 1931 and 1981 from the great Catalan artist Read more

JOAN MIRÓ. The force of matter

25 july 2016 / 11 september 2016
The exhibition presents a selection of mixed-technique works realized with newspaper cuttings from all over the world with the addition of screws and metal knick-knacks which give the panels a strong three-dimensional impact. Read more

Italians across the Ocean. Stories of artists in mid-twentieth century modern and native Brazil

25 March / 21 July 2016
The exhibition highlights the artistic relations between Italy and Brazil over the course of the 20th century. It documents personal and intellectual journeys intertwined with the history of art and cultures. Read more

BARBIE - The icon

28 october 2015 / 13 march 2016
An authentic global sensation, Barbie is known, adored and celebrated all over the world, representing 50 different nationalities. Read more

GAUGUIN. Tales from Paradise

28 October 2015 – 21 February 2016
The project involves 70 masterpieces of painting and sculpture as well as a number of Polynesian artefacts and images documenting the various places visited by the artist. Read more

A beautiful confluence

28 october 2015 / 21 February 2016
A Beautiful Confluence: Anni and Josef Albers and the Latin American World
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Images and histories

28 october 2015 / 10 january 2016
The World City Forum (Forum della Città Mondo) celebrates the inauguration of the MUDEC with a photographic project by Alan Maglio and Medhin Paolos dedicated to Milan’s Eritrean-Ethiopian community. Read more

AFRICA - The land of spirits

27 march / 30 august 2015
The 270 works featured in this sophisticated, large-scale exhibition, curated by Claudia Zevi, illustrate the different ways in which the West has responded to the plastic arts of Africa. Read more

WORLDS IN MILAN. Cultures and expos, 1874 - 1940

27 march / 19 july 2015
This exhibition will show how the city of Milan has presented the various non-European cultures to the general public in major events ranging from the exhibitions of industrial arts... Read more